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TotalEnergies Eco-challenge


The TotalEnergies Ecochallenge program was started in 2003 with the aim of inspiring and helping all Kenyans to plant trees in every possible place. The target then was to plant millions of trees every year, for ever.Today, the program has more than 1,600 projects that have seen the planting of millions of trees since its inception.

The TotalEnergies Ecochallenge’s original call is for everybody to plant trees for sustainable use outside forests. Thankfully, through this program, millions of Kenyans are doing just that – on farms, in schools, in factory yards, in housing estates, on roadsides, in townships, around lakes and dams, in wasteland and parkland and even in deserts! We believe each one of those projects will stand as an everlasting monument to the vision and effort of ordinary people taking part in an extraordinary phase of Kenya’s history.

TotalEnergies Ecochallenge Achievements

  • TotalEnergies Ecochallenge has made people aware how vital tree planting is. Kenya needs to forest 10% of its land area to keep the climate healthy and to meet huge demand for wood products. That means 5 billion more trees are needed.
  • TotalEnergies Ecochallenge has emphasized that trees outside indigenous forests can be used – in hundreds of different ways – sustainably. The campaign’s slogan is “Miti ni Mali! Miti Tosha!”.
  • TotalEnergies Ecochallenge has run extensive education campaigns on the best species to plant in different areas and for different purposes, and how to prepare the ground, plant and nurture seedlings for most successful results.It has helped co-ordinate production and distribution of seedlings countrywide, and the momentum has spawned thousands of independent tree nursery businesses. It has a full time forester ready to visit, guide and encourage any and every project.

Join this noble initiative and help save the environment as you create wealth by planting trees.

Miti Ni Mali, Miti Tosha