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TotalEnergies Card Features and Benefits

Why own a TotalEnergies Card?

This is the best way to budget your fuel expenses. It enables you to:

  • Allocate an amount for fuelling and confine your fuel expenditure to this value for a specific period then monitor the expenditure usage for future planning.
  • It helps eliminate unwanted spending and wastage because the consumption is highly monitored.

The TotalEnergies Card features:


Card restrictions and Controls: The card allows for personalized restrictions. The customer can determine the product type, geographical zone, value limits (daily, weekly or monthly) and time restrictions.

  1. PIN Code for the client : The card comes with confidential Personalized Identification Number (PIN)
  2. PIN Code for the station staff: All our service station attendants have to validate card transactions using their individual PIN codes. This allows for traceability and also to further enhance the security.
  3. Driver Code option: The card also has a driver code option over and above the card PIN code. This allows for traceability if different drivers use one card.


  1. Budgeting: The TotalEnergies Card has proven to be a very reliable budgeting tool for fleet managers and fleet owners. This realibility is attributed to its analytics reporting features which enable the fleet managers to monitor each vehicle’s consumption pattern hence plan accordingly.
  2. Dedicated customer service team and operations support : All card operations are manned by the TotalEnergies card centre team which consists of account executives and a back office operations office. Each and every customer has a dedicated account manager assigned to them. The team is accessible through a dedicated email [email protected] or through the TotalEnergies social media platfoms (facebook and twitter) or by filling this form.
  3. Customized electronic reports and card extranet: customers can easily access a card extranet to remotely control and manage their account. APPLY FOR A CARD EXTRANET ACCOUNT BY CLICKING EXTRANET.


  1. Lock Tank Size: The card allows customers to pre-set tank size per vehicle to prevent fuelling above the set tank size.
  2. Mileage check: This option enables the customer to monitor the consumption rate of the car and address any anomalies in the event the odometer reading has been inaccurately entered.
  3. Remote PIN unlocking: If the customer mistakenly locks the fuel card by entering the wrong PIN three times. The card can be remotely unlocked by the card centre. However, the unlocking request has to be sent to the card centre via email to [email protected] . The process takes 24 hours to be effected.
  4. Remote top up for prepaid cards: Customers do not need to bring physical cards to the card centre for loading. Cards can be remotely loaded from the card centre provided loading instructions have been given and payment confirmation for the same issued. Cards can also be directly using MPESA by following this process. Load TotalEnergies Card using MPESA. The loaded credits can be accessed at TotalEnergies Service Station by presenting the card for credit downloads using the TotalEnergies Card terminals.