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The purpose of TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya PLC is to market quality products and energy solutions to its customers that are more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and that are less and less carbon intensive while ensuring Safety in all operations and day-to-day business.


TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya has a wide network of over 200 service stations spread across the country availing TotalEnergies' high-quality products and services closer to the consumers and local communities.

All TotalEnergies service stations are constructed in accordance to the Group's safety, health and environmental standards. Our service stations are a one-stop shop resulting in improved convenience and pleasant shopping experience for customers.

The products include Excellium Fuels, Lubricants, Car Care products, LPG and Solar Lanterns. In addition, we have well-stocked Bonjour Shops which offer groceries, coffee, drinks and snacks and are running of Mugg & Bean ON-The-Move outlets under franchise in Kenya that offers speciality coffee, famous giant muffins among other delights. Other facilities include banking services, pharmacies, car wash, service bays, restaurants, coffee shops and mobile money services


TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya operates two fuel depots, a lubricant blending plant, two Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), six aviation depots and three lubes and LPG warehouses

TotalEnergies manages all its facilities in line with international safety and quality standards. Industrial safety is of paramount importance with the key objective of zero accidents throughout our operations.

TotalEnergies has elaborate safety management systems that are reinforced by training and maintained by constant monitoring and inspection


In line with the commitment to provide better energy to Kenyans, TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya continues to offer a new generation of additivized fuels, Excellium Petrol and Diesel, which were launched in December

2016. This is a revolutionary and an unmatched set of high-quality fuels that clean your engine km after km. Excellium fuels provide long-lasting protection to engines, ensure that they perform better, use less fuel, reduce up to 93% of deposits build up and reduce polluting emissions.

Excellium fuels are a culmination of many hours of engine lab tests, thousands of kilometres driven and more than 500 formulas that enabled the development of the 6 molecules comprised in the Excellium formulation. Excellium fuels are suitable for both old and new models of vehicles.


TotalEnergies is the leading supplier of Lubricants in Kenya. Through continued research and product development in collaboration with major equipment manufacturers, TotalEnergies produces high quality lubricants to meet the technological requirements of the engine makers, wide customer needs and the stringent environmental standards.

Our Lubricants Blending Plant in Mombasa serves the Kenyan Market and the entire East African region. To offer aftersales support to customers, ANAC Laboratory specializes in Oil analysis and Monitoring. TotalEnergies in Kenya has strong partnerships with vehicle manufacturers that facilitate: customized lubrication solutions, skills and knowledge transfer and joint programs that focus on value creation for both TotalEnergies and its customers.


Solar lanterns have greatly improved the quality of life for Kenyans who have no access to electricity and are also a handy companion in all off-grid situations and during power outages.

TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya has expanded its range that now includes A2, S2B, S20B, S30, S100, S500 portables and D30 or X850 Solar home systems all of which are available at TotalEnergies service stations and other authorized distributor outlets countrywide.


TotalEnergies gas is the leading LPG brand in Kenya. TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya was the first to introduce the 6kg cooking/ lighting unit under the brand name of TotalEnergies Meko, revolutionizing cooking and lighting.

The filling and storage plant in Nairobi serves the LPG demand. Through the wide reach of our service stations, our countrywide presence brings our LPG products even closer to our customers.

In November 2017, TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya was once again the first amongst the Oil Companies in Kenya, to introduce digital verification and validation of LPG to ensure its source and Genuity in an initiative dubbed ‘Usibahatishe, Thibitisha’.

TotalEnergies CARD

TotalEnergies Card, popularly known as the Bon Voyage Card is the most established fuel card in the market having been introduced by TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya in 1997.

The introduction of vehicle tagging together with the micro-chip technology enable TotalEnergies Card to meet high standards of security. Its tracking tool for product usage helps to combat fraud.

In 2017, the TotalEnergies Card was further upgraded and enabled to accept near real time mobile top ups for the pre-paid version.