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Samuel Wanderi is the Founder of Safi Organics.

Safi Organics produces a soil conditioner derived from farm waste. The company has developed patentpending environmentally friendly reactors together with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and unique recipes enabling the lowcost and decentralized conversion of farm waste into carbonnegative soil conditioner in just under 2 hours. Samuel is an alumni of Nairobi University with a degree in Agribusiness.He has previously worked as a manager at Takachar which deals with conversion of agricultural waste into mosquito coils and fuel while mobilizing farmers to adopt organic farming. During his free time, Samuel carries out voluntary training to farmers, Volunteers in children’s homes and takes part in environmental management training to students.

Susan Kwamboka Okioma is the founder of JSIL Space Solutions.
JSIL Space Solutions provides cutting edge solutions that optimize space in constrained environments. Their products include shoe racks, toilet racks, car organizers, wardrobe organizers,car boot organizer. Susan is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a Masters in Gender and Development and Agricultural Economics. She is a Gender Specialist Consultant and Volunteer and has participated in several consultation forums such as the development of the new constitution in 2010 under FIDA. She was also among the independent consultants mainstreaming gender issues of concern in the Global Fund Joint Malaria TB and HIV Country Concept note development in 2014. She is also a master trainer at Kenya Red Cross Global Fund program assignment. She is an entrepreneur who is passionate about solving social problems and challenges faced by women and children.
Kevin Mureithi Maina is CoFounder and CEO of Eco Blocks
Eco Blocks and Tiles seeks to pioneer production of ecofriendly, affordable and durable building products from discarded postconsumer waste materials such as glass waste, industrial leftover fly ash and quarry dust. Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Technology from UNESCOIHE in The Netherlands and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Maseno University, Kenya. He is a professional member of the International Solid Waste Association based in Austria, the Africa Representative of the Water Youth Network based in Paris and Chairperson of the Gilgil Climate Action Network. He is a CoFounder of Trace Kenya Group, a vibrant community based organization that works with young people in promoting environmental education and addressing environmental problems in Nakuru County. His goal is to contribute to the development of better waste management systems in Kenya by means of designing, organizing and implementing innovative local technologies that solve environmental problems in a sustainable way.