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TotalEnergies be alive program

The TotalEnergies ​"Be Alive" programme provides peer educators and Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) throughout the Company, with outreach to staff families and wider communities. It sets out a wholly non-discriminatory Company Policy. The programme also promotes staff wellness through regular health tips and clinics. Every year, TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya marks World Aids Day through the various in-house and community outreach activities.

In 2003, TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya PLC introduced a comprehensive HIV/AIDS workplace program targeting employees, their dependents, customers and the community. This is a long-term program encompassing interventions that support HIV prevention, positive living, treatment and stigma reduction. "Be alive "is the slogan that supports all HIV/AIDS campaigns. It captures our aspiration of keeping our people alive through HIV prevention and provision of appropriate care and treatment.

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TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya PLC has carried out the following activities in support of this program:

  • HIV/AIDS awareness training for all staff and their dependants.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness training for all service station network employees.
  • Developed a comprehensive policy that outlines the company commitments to the HIV/AIDS program. The policy is guided by several internationally recognized principles of good HIV/AIDS workplace programs. These principles include non-discrimination, right to confidentiality, prohibition of HIV testing for employment or other work related reasons, provision of HIV prevention education and provision of care support and treatment for those infected.
  • The company has put in place a program to provide care, support and treatment including provision of ARVs for staff and dependents.
  • We work closely with local communities to support HIV/AIDS initiatives.
  • We support awareness creation and provide material support to those infected and affected. This has been done using funds provided by both the company and our staff.
  • We have rolled out a comprehensive and ambitious awareness and prevention program targeting our customers through our widely spread network of service stations countrywide. This has involved distribution of condoms and provision of HIV/AIDS information.
  • We have organized HIV/AIDS family days for employees and their immediate families.
  • We have put in place a peer education program to reach out to staff, their families and the general public through peer counselling activities.
  • We have a staff publication that gives extensive coverage to the subject of HIV/AIDS