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Environmental programmes have TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya’s highest priority, because a healthy environment underpins the prospects of all other activities, and Kenya’s environment faces the most immediate threat of (potential irreversible) damage at a time of rapid development and prodigious population growth.

Environmental responsibility starts with the design and conduct of TotalEnergies own processes and facilities, including product shipment and storage, waste management, pollution preventatives and safeguards, public education on fuel efficiency, aspects of personal training, outreach to staff families as well as communities.

It is important to note that we are rigorous in our investment policy that ensures our underground equipment are of the highest standards. This is to ensure that the risk of underground pollution is minimized.

In 2017, the TotalEnergies Eco Challenge program underwent re-engineering process. TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya staff in partnership with other stakeholders of mutual interest in the environment, participate in tree planting events annually.

As part of our commitment to the environment, we provide annual sponsorship to the Rhino Charge challenge, an annual off-road 4x4 competition that is  organised to raise funds to support the activities of the Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust .The NGO works towards a noble cause: the conservation and protections of Kenya’s mountain range ecosystems, the so-called “Water Towers”.

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