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Discover TotalEnergies' initiatives for road safety in Africa and the Middle East.


 TotalEnergies teamed up with the World Bank to improve road safety on two cross-border routes, or "corridors", which are among the most dangerous on the African continent:

  • The route between Kenya and Burundi, or Norther Corridor.
  • The route between Cameroon and the Central African Republic and Chad, or Central Africa corridor.

On the Northern Corridor, the "Safe Way, Right Way" NGO has been established to take actions linked to the project forward and a dedicated local project team is tasked with setting up the actions. The programme should eventually lead to a reduction in the number of serious accidents and victims through adoption of a modular approach covering all aspects of road safety:

  • Road safety management (data monitoring, evaluation and reporting).
  • Road users behaviour improvement through information, communication, education.
  • Vehicle condition (driving standards, testing, licensing, inspection).
  • "Post crash" plan, to learn how to react in the event of an accident.
  • Infrastructure  (engineering, design, construction, signalization, safety audit).

TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya, among other private sector companies (Lafarge, Bolloré, DHL, DT Dobie, East African Breweries, etc, Kenya Transporters Association...) is a key partner of this NGO, and takes part to the project with the public authorities while mobilising the public and private sectors.



TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya embarked in a Children's Road Safety Campaign because we want to teach children how to:

  • Survive the roads in the face of danger, survival tactics.
  • Look out for each other on the roads through peer advice and offering a helping hand to the younger ones when on the road.

Too many children are victims of road accidents and TotalEnergies is committed to teach them the danger of the road through the theme Let's Learn to Tame the Roads. This campaign is far and wide reaching through urban and rural schools.