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TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya is part of TotalEnergies, a broad energy company that produces and markets energies on a global scale: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. TotalEnergies is deeply rooted in Kenya’s economy and society, with long-term investments. 

TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya PLC has been operating since 1955 and plays a key role in the Kenyan economy. The Company has a widespread infrastructure for efficient and effective supply of quality products and services.


To become the responsible energy major.


  • To be recognized as the benchmark for safety in the Kenyan industry.
  • To be the trusted partner of all our customers, by listening to them and actively supporting them in their own transitions towards more responsible energies and mobility.
  • To be a leader in value creation for society generating shared prosperity and return to our stakeholders.


The purpose of TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya PLC is to market quality products and energy solutions to its customers that are more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and that are less and less carbon intensive while ensuring Safety in all operations and day-to-day business.


  • Our staff: Competent, skilled, professional, experienced & culturally diverse,
  • Robust fuel supply chain and strong LPG infrastructure,
  • High performance lubricants backed by TotalEnergies' global technical expertise,
  • Reliable lubricants services (on-site quality monitoring, modern in-house blending plant modern in-house blending plant and Test & Diagnostic Lubricants (TDL) Laboratory),
  • The large service station network coverage in Kenya,
  • "Simple, Smart and Safe" fleet management system (TotalEnergies FUEL CARD) that is accepted in all TotalEnergies Service Stations across the country.
  • Capacity to install and maintain equipment at customer sites.



Safety is a value that we respect above everything else because it is the core component of an industrial company’s responsibility. It is also the foundation of our long-term viability. This core value is amplified in our safety credo: ‘Safety for Me, For You, For All’. We are uncompromising when it comes to safety. 

Respect for Each Other 

Respect for each other puts people at the center of our collective responsibility. It means listening to each other, recognizing and embracing diversity. It takes into account ethics, honesty, business integrity and upholding human rights and as a result, the rejection of corruption, fraud and unfair practices with regard to our competitors, in any form. 

Pioneer Spirit 

Pioneer Spirit is a trait we have always displayed, through our boldness and courage in conquering new territories and innovating. This is our ability to innovate from a technical, business, people, strategy and geopolitical standpoint. It is in equal parts equivalent to boldness, ambition and courage which results in knowing when to adapt, how to overcome adversity and how to be agile.

Stand Together 

Stand Together is the powerful bond that unites us within TotalEnergies. It means being loyal to and trusting each other. We draw support from our strength as a team. “Stand Together” means “think TotalEnergies”, act in its best interests and defend it when it is under attack from the outside. 

Performance Minded 

Performance-minded is an attitude that reflects the disciplined way we work and our refusal to settle for anything less than the best. We are a global industry leader thanks to our strong competencies, commitment to operational, technical and technological excellence, and our performance-minded attitude. This performance-minded approach is what influences our desire to innovate and, like our other values, will enable us to achieve our collective ambition of becoming the responsible energy major.