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The EXTRANET is an interactive web-based tool that enables you to log in and perform selected tasks on your account. Services available include new cards requests done online, card blacklisting did online, accessing reports on your cards usage, extraction of selected reports as well as monitoring the card parameters amongst others.The extranet assists you in managing your card portfolio with ease and in any place provided you have internet access to log into the web page.

Visit the TotalEnergies Card Extranet


Below is a list of transactions that can be done remotely on the TotalEnergies CARD Extranet 

Tomcard remote Modification Type of card Message
Authorized Account ceiling Post Paid Update of credit ceiling.
Crediting the card Prepaid Remote crediting of the card for funds received through RTGS, or instantly loading through MPESA
Application of Driver code Prepaid & Post Paid Remote activation of driver code request.
Instant discount Prepaid Instant discount on fuel purchases (e.g Uber/Taxify
Card tag checking Prepaid & Post Paid The RFID tag can be remotely removed and reinstated.
Day & time restrictions Prepaid & Post Paid Remote update of card day/time restrictions.
Geographical restrictions Prepaid & Post Paid Remote update of card restrictions.
Kilometer Entry @ service station Prepaid & Post Paid Remote activation of a request for Kilometre entry.
Monitoring ceiling in Ltrs/Ksh Prepaid & Post Paid Remote update of restrictions per day/week/month in Ksh/Ltrs.
Pin code resetting Prepaid & Post Paid Remote PIN Reset, even at the service station
Tank capacity Prepaid & Post Paid Remote tank capacity restriction reset
Tank-locking Prepaid & Post Paid

Remote Tank capacity lock reset.


Customers Extranet Requests

Type of card


Loading schedule Prepaid Remote card loading through the extranet.
Blacklisting a card Prepaid & Post Paid Blacklisting of cards through the extranet if stolen or lost
Checking the card status Prepaid & Post Paid Card status check - if active, inactive, expired for each card.
Creating a card Prepaid & Post Paid Card creation through the extranet
Downloading invoices Post Paid Invoice download from the online platform
Downloading detailed transactions Prepaid & Post Paid View & download detailed card transactions.
Creating sub-users online Prepaid & Post Paid Create new user accesses for your organization on the online portal.



Loading credits on multiple cards on the TotalEnergies Card Extranet