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For TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya, the safety of our key stakeholders (customers, staff, contractors, distributors) is paramount and has been accorded the topmost priority in our day today operations. Every so often, the TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya LPG team and the HSE team carry day today LPG safety awareness communication to staff and customers through the use of fliers, safety tips reminders, contests, and general publications. LPG safety should be considered in every scenario; from the point of purchase to the point of use and to the point of storage. 

TotalEnergies Gas LPG Safety - Purchase Guide 

When buying your cooking gas, please ensure the following:

  • Always purchase your cooking gas from a TotalEnergies Service station or a TotalEnergies GAS authorized dealer
  • Check that the quality assurance seal on the valve is not TotalEnergies ken or missing
  • Confirm the weight of the cylinder by having it weighed at the point of purchase 
  • On making payment, obtain an official receipt with cylinder serial number and gross weight indicated 

TotalEnergies Gas LPG Safety at Home Guide 

  • LPG has a characteristic smell to alert you of a leak 
  • If you detect the smell, do not light a fire or operate any electrical switches. Open all doors and windows, disconnect the cylinder and place it outside the building.
  • Safety checks the cylinder for leaks using soapy water. 
  • If you detect a leak, return the cylinder to the station of purchase 
  • If the leak is not on the cylinder, ensure checks are doe on the other fittings. 
  • Always store the cylinder in an upright position and in a well-ventilated space away from heat, open fire or children. 
  • Use TotalEnergies gas recommended fittings. Ensure the hosepipe is replaced once it has reached its expiry date. 

TotalEnergies Gas LPG Safety - Storage and Supply 

LPG for domestic uses is provided in cylinders of varying sizes, whereas gas for industrial use is provided in bulk storage tanks which can be located above the ground or underground. The position of the tank, in this case, is very important because the tanker delivering gas must always be parked in a safe position. The storage tank needs to be set a distance away from the building, in an aerated place. Installations of these tanks should only be carried out by engineers approved by TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya PLC after which TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya will fill the tank with gas and then make arrangements for top-up deliveries. 

TotalEnergies Gas LPG Safety - In case of Gas leaks inside a building

  • Switch off the emergency valve on the outside wall of the building. Extinguish all naked flames immediately.
  • Do not operate any electrical equipment and be aware of any equipment which may switch on or off automatically.
  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the building.
  • Contact your installer or the engineer who maintains your appliances.

TotalEnergies Gas LPG Safety - In case of Gas leaks outside the building

  • Turn off the gas at the main shut off valve under the tank hood.
  • Extinguish all naked flames immediately.
  • Contact TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya immediately.
  • Please find more safety Tips.