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Lubricants blending plant


The TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya Lube Oil Blending Plant is located in Shimanzi Mombasa alongside the Joint Fuels Terminal owned by TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya and Kobil. It was built in 1952 and occupies 6,000 square meters. It is the largest plant in East and Central Africa. The plant is ISO 9000:2008 certified. ISSSRS certification is in progress.

The turnover in 2011 was 15.2 KT, comprising 28% petrol engine oils, 56% diesel engine oils, 4% gear oils, 12% industrial oils.

Main Activities

  • Receipt of bulk and packaged raw materials /blending components and finished products by sea, road and air
  • Blending by batch process and laboratory testing
  • Filling and warehousing
  • Distribution within Kenya and export to Uganda, Tanzania, Seychelles, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

The plant imports raw materials (Base Oils: 500SN, 600SN, 150SN, 85SN &BSS ) in bulk through TotalEnergies Head Office in France. The raw materials are received at Shimanzi Oil Terminal. Additives are also imported through TotalEnergies Head Office in France. All packaging materials are sourced locally except for 4&5 litre caps

Products profile

Motor Oils P.C.M.O ~ Quartz 5000, Motor oil, Classic, CCF H.D.E.O.~ Rubia G6200, Rubia TIR , Rubia G17, Rubia XT, Rubia S40 M.D.E.O ~ Aurelia TI , Disola, Talusia HR MCO/2T ~ 2TZ, Special 2T, Special 4T

Industrial Oils & TF Hydraulic ~ AzollaZs 32,46,68 Gear oils ~ Carter EP 150,220,320,460, Turbine oils ~ Preslia 32,46,68 ATF – Fluide II D TF – EP, Trans TM, DynaTrans Agricultural- Multagri TM

Speciality Products Seriola, Cirkan C , Texinol FC Organicool - Local repacking Brake fluid 4 - Local repacking

Finished Product Warehousing & Distribution

Mombasa Plant

  • 500 Ton Mombasa warehouse capacity
  • All product awaiting trans shipment mainly to upcountry depot warehouses with some direct shipments to Seychelles, Uganda, Central African Market
  • The main distribution centre
  • Handles all bulk lube supplies
  • Handles all export bound products

Nairobi Depot

  • Nairobi Joint Depot - Nairobi JV operated (TotalEnergies / Kobil)
  • Managed by TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya Limited
  • Supports sales within Nairobi and environs

Kisumu Depot – Western Kenya (Lake Victoria Region)

  • Leased warehouse, managed by TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya Limited Operations

Laboratory Operations 
The plant also houses a Laboratory which:

  • Is ISO 9001: 2008 certified
  • Provides preventive maintenance for all equipment
  • Offers Laboratory services for the entire East and Central Africa region on quality issues
  • In addition undertakes quality control on raw materials and finished products, the laboratory carries out systems audit on package suppliers.
  • Participates in proficiency testing programs - Round Robin Test Campaign (RRT) 2010/1 campaign – position 22 out of 66 labs
  • Received satisfactory ranking from expert and peer reviews.

Tests conducted at the Laboratory

  • Viscosity at 40 degrees Centigrade and 100 degrees Centigrade
  • Pour point determination Air release & foaming characteristics
  • Cold cranking simulation Density determination
  • Water content determination
  • Flash point determination
  • TotalEnergies Acid/Base Number determination
  • Element Mass % determination
  • Among others

For more information contact us:
TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya Blending Plant 
P. O. Box 30736-00100, 
Tel 254-20-2897607